• Every Member

    The Church is the Body of Christ, and each and every believer is a vital member of this Body. We believe each and every individual can and should play an important role in the growth of the Body. Our desire is to see each and every member owning the vision, and being involved in making the vision become a reality.

  • Passionate for Christ

    Our love for Christ is the foundation and motivation of all that we desire and do for Him – both individually and together as a church. We seek to enthrone Christ as our Lord, giving Him the pre-eminence in all things. Growing in love and passion for Christ is our constant pursuit and preoccupation because everything else flows from such a relationship.

  • & Touching Lives

    T.O.U.C.H means Transforming Others Under Christ’s Hand. When lives are touched by Christ, they will also touch (impact) other lives for Christ. Both the individual lives and the group of people touched by Christ will naturally and supernaturally become His instruments in transforming other lives under His mighty Hand. The impacting (or touching) of lives happen both on a personal basis and as a group, as love of Christ is shown through acts of love by the community of God’s people.

  • Discipleship & Christlikeness | Growth & Ministry

    When we think of people, what comes to our mind?

    Discipleship: A disciple is one who knows and follows Jesus and thus becoming like Him in life and character, and helping others to do the same. As believers, we want to know & follow Jesus, and helping others to do the same as well. This will ultimately result in Christlikeness in our lives, which is the goal of discipleship.

    Growth: This growth is not just about numbers. Numbers alone does not indicate the health of the church. What we want to see is spiritual growth. As disciples of our Lord, we must keep on growing in spiritual maturity and not remain as spiritual babes. As we grow in maturity, it should also result in our desire to want to be involved in the ministry of serving others and reaching out as well. Hence as we growth and reach out to others, increase in numbers may happen as the Lord adds to our fold. Growth and Ministry go together as well.

  • Truth & Grace

    When we think of the Bible, we think of truth—the Bible is the Word of God, it is the Truth that has been revealed to us mankind. We value God’s truth as revealed in the Holy Scriptures. We hope our members can take the Bible seriously and be diligent workmen, being able to handle the Word of Truth. However, Truth & Grace should be properly balanced as each of us are still in this redemptive journey, being sanctified by the Holy Spirit daily. We cannot imagine a church with truth but no grace. All of us need God’s grace as we seek to live by His truth.

  • Unity & Humility

    Finally, when we think of church, what comes to our mind is a gathering of people who are all very different. We are gifted differently and our personalities are all different. God has made all of us differently and yet we are to be united in the Body as such is His design. There is one Body and one Lord. It pleases God to put us together in this spiritual body. So no matter how different we are, we must be united because this is the Body of Christ. To be united, we must put on the humility of Christ. There can be no unity unless in humility, we submit to one another out of reverence for Christ and consider each other’s interest above our own. Hence, Unity & Humility go together as well.

  • Community

    Finally, all the above core values cannot take place,

    ...unless we are in a community.

    We cannot grow in Discipleship and Christlikeness

    ...unless we surround ourselves with fellow believers who can support, encourage, and hold us accountable in our journey of faith.

    We cannot grow in Spiritual Maturity & Ministry

    ...unless we are connected to God and a small group community where we can grow together, be equipped and challenged for ministry.

    We cannot practice God’s Truth in Grace

    ...without a community where we learn to live out God’s truth and forgive one another graciously when we stumbled.

    We cannot have Unity without Humility

    ...if we cannot humble ourselves and learn to relate with a diverse community whom God has created for His glory.

    So all our core values are to be lived out in a community. We want to urge all of us who have yet to have a community, to get into one, because the Bible has said that it is not good for men (and women) to be alone. We need one another in this redemptive journey.